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Summer & Industrial Training
Manufacturing of Electronics Components
Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Engineering Project Development
Web Development and Hosting

Manufacturing Services

We manufacture electronic components, including printed circuit board assemblies, harness assemblies, turn-key services and more – all proudly made in India,

Bringing the electronic and printed circuit board industry back home is not just a matter of economy; it is a matter of national security. India produces very few amount of the printed circuit boards it uses. As we grow ever more dependent on China for this resource, there is a legitimate concern that the circuit boards we rely on may contain unknown or hidden capabilities designed to interfere with the proper operation of the technology that drives our industry and our military.

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Electronics & IT

Certification Courses
-> Free Work Shops
-> Summer Training
-> Industrial Training
-> Engineering Project development
-> Professional Enhancement Classes



Welcome to EC Labs,Electronics is the essential source of development of our technical environment. So, we provide you with a great opportunity of learning and performing the practical knowledge towards this direction with latest event driven programs. We introduce to you “Electrotech Cybernetic Laboratories”, which provides you with the latest tools and softwares to enhance your technical skills along with the guidelines from the hands of expertise.

About EC Labs

Here at Electrotech Cybernetic Labs, Our role is to support your company by providing services which will help your business grow and develop. Based centrally near Leeds, we are ideally situated to provide support and services to companies nationwide.

We provide a range of practical electronics and business services all aimed at helping businesses improve their performance and their efficiency.

We work with a range of companies involved in electronics manufacture and assembly whether as dedicated contract electronics manufacturers or as manufacturers of products with a significant electronics content. We routinely work with companies in the security, automotive and medical industries among many others. We offer the opportunity to become E.C.Labs member and to take advantage of services at advantageous rates if they wish to do so.

Our services range from industry-standard training provision and apprenticeships to inspection and analytical services aimed at helping companies improve quality and reliability and reduce cost.

In last few years, our team has realized the necessity for having an all-in-one electronics engineering product, services and a private laboratory for Engineering students. Where students can do practical work on his own or with the help of our experienced faculties. Therefore, to provision to this need, Electrotech Cybernetic Laboratories Private Limited [EC LABS] is established and is primarily focusing on Engineering Trainings and production of electronics engineering kits as well as a unique lab for Electronics engineers.